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A community club wood turning for over 25 years

From Small Beginnings

Originally known as Birstall Woodturning Club because of its its birthplace, the club has moved premises several times as it has expanded.

​We are now situated in ample premises at Holmebank Mills in Mirfield, and hope to be there for the foreseeable future. Our catchment area is primarily Kirklees but we also draw members from surrounding areas.

​Located near to Mirfield railway station, access is good  since we are in a ground floor unit. We also have easy access for wheelchair turners and two lathes adapted for use when seated. There is plenty of room to park too. 

​Organisation of the club is by volunteers. We have no paid workers. This means everybody is expected to do what they can towards the clubs upkeep. 

​The club is working hard to help the community and in the December of 2021 it held an open day in support of Kirkwood Hospice to help raise funds.

We are a friendly community based club, specialising in woodturning for the advancement of social and hobby based skills.


We are well placed and give easy access to people with reduced mobility and have some specially adapted machines.

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