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At the moment club membership is running at capacity and is capped at 150. 
This has come about by the clubs  popularity.  When this number was exceeded members were attending only to find that all the machines had been taken.
It was for this reason that membership had to be limited.

The good news is that not all members keep up their hobby or they just use the club to learn the basics and move on under their own initiative. In other words there is a natural turnover and memberships do come available regularly. 

A pro rata prospective members list is maintained by the club secretary.  If you are interested, get your name on that list by using the contact form.

In the mean time non members are welcome to attend the demonstration nights when paid professionals come along and share their skills. 

Fees have been held for the past few years and are paid by standing order. 
Adults  £100 per year plus £5.00 for each visit. 
Under 18's (must be accompanied by an adult). £50 per year plus £2.00 for each visit.

Non- members are welcome to visit the demonstrations for a fee of £6.00.

Please note that you cannot access all parts of the site until you are a fully paid up member of the club, and if you fail to maintain your subscription payments access will be blocked.

Updated 18/1/2023

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