1 x 7mm skew chisel
1 x 5mm curved vee tool
1 x 8mm curved chisel
1 x 8mm chisel
1 x 6mm straight gouge
1 x 9mm curved shallow gouge

Set of Marples Carving Chisels

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  • William Marples produced a range of wood carving tools under their 'Shamrock' brand up until 1965 (according to my studies so far - this date may change as I research further), this set I believe was made after 1965 (there are no Shamrock markings).

    The Marples M153 carving tool set was a six piece set with small carving tools in which was marketed as a beginner carving tool set.

    Each of the carving tools were fitted with a polished finished boxwood handle with the Marples logo.

    The handles were finished with steel ferrules.

    The blades were forged from the best quality cast steel which were accurately ground to a good profiled edge