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Well what do you think of the new website?

I have taken on the task of trying to make the website a bit more user friendly. The guys before have done such a fantastic job of making the bulk of the site really useful and they asked if I could jazz it up a bit, well not sure I have done that but hope that the buttons added and placed where they are now make it a little easier to navigate.

I was asked by a member to add back buttons and think I have hit all the right places, and on some of the pages they go back to relevant pages too, but it is your site and and if things need changing let me know, as well as your pictures, videos or links to useful information etc, I ma n to going to adding much content myself as I am working and time is tight but will add your content if you get it to me as quickly as I possibly can, well time to shut up now....keep making square things round and plenty of sawdust, I would also like to wish you all a happy Christmas and a healthy 2022. Mark

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