Alpha pen kit from Taylor's Mirfield, this lovely kit is both a fountain pen and a rollerball and swapping between the two is dead simple, made this for a colleague at work who is old school and likes to write her case notes (before we put them on a. damn computer) with a fountain pen.  Went down a treat.

Small piece of spalted Beech, obtained from Stainton as a collection of off cuts, well worth all of 50p a piece.


Now this is some old snaps made into a small specimen vase for dried flowers as I have not got a waterproof insert, nice small piece of Ash off cut, then another bit of Ash for a t- light, an offcut of Beech and some old fencepost so quite happy.


This is what happens when you make your Granddaughter a wooden snowman from some Beech beam that was twisted and only a tenner for 6 feet of it, and say to her "why don't you put a face on it" expecting a couple of dots for the eyes, well she loves it, and she was only 4 at the time.....